Rabies - 100% fatal, but 100% preventable

Mass vaccination of the stray dog population is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of rabies. By vaccinating at least 70% of a dog population, “herd immunity” is established, which breaks the cycle of transmission among the dogs… and if dogs are not getting rabies, then they are not transmitting it to people.

Of course if all people were vaccinated this would prevent human deaths, but rabies would still spread among the animals, of which dogs are one of the main reservoirs for the virus.

vaccinating a dog on world rabies day in Manali

What Manali Strays does to tackle the rabies problem

We vaccinate every dog we sterilise against rabies.

We vaccinate all dogs that we rescue or give medical treatment to.

We vaccinate pets upon the request of their owners, and encourage all pet owners to get their dogs and cats vaccinated and sterilised.

We vaccinate any puppies born on the streets when they are old enough (12 weeks old).

We work with school children to teach them about rabies, dog bite prevention, and how to treat dogs (and all animals) with compassion and respect

Indian boy with puppy

One canine rabies vaccine costs 200rs ($3 or £2)