According to figures published by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are an estimated 30 million stray dogs in India.

Over the years, inhumane methods have been used in an attempt to control stray dog populations,  such as poisoning, shooting, beating to death, and capture & relocation. However, evidence shows that these methods are ineffective and extremely inhumane.

manali strays dog eating garbage

Stray dogs are a human-created problem; a combination of poor waste management, uncontrolled  breeding of desirable dog breeds,  and irresponsible  pet dog ownership.

Stray dogs scavenging from rubbish piles is a common sight in India Open rubbish dumps in the middle of towns contribute towards sustaining a population of malnourished,  and sick dogs.

A single female of reproductive age can have two litters of eight puppies a year and by one year of age, they are all able to reproduce themselves. Although, this is rare as about 75% of the puppies will die from disease, starvation, or being hit by road vehicles

The Pet Dog Problem

breed dog collage

Breed dogs vs. street dogs… 

The street dogs below are just as intelligent, loyal and cute as the breed dogs above. In fact they are more unique with superior genetic make-up.

stray dog collage

Pet dog owners must take responsibility too. Unsterilised pets that are allowed to freely roam the streets cause many problems; the males fight with stray males and get injured, or cause injuries. They are also responsible for many pregnancies and births of stray dogs. Female pets that are allowed to roam while on heat get pregnant, then owners of the mother dump the puppies on the street, adding to the problem.  

India does not need any more unwanted street dogs. If you are a pet dog owner, please get it sterilised. 

Another issue that adds to the problem is the uncontrolled breeding of desirable breeds.  Everybody wants a labrador, a pug. a boxer, a husky, etc. Many of these breeds are unsuitable for the climate of India and suffer as a consequence.  The street dogs have mixed genes, making them much less prone to the multitude of genetic disorders that breed dogs are afflicted with. They make great pets, if only people would give them a chance.

In addition, pet dogs are frequently abandoned on the streets when owners no longer need or want them, or when they do not know how to care for the dog properly, especially if it suddenly becomes sick