dog with maggot wound

Fighting among males over females leads to wounds that quickly become infested with maggots, leading to severe, even life=threatening injuries.

Distemper, parvo, tick fever, maggot infested wounds, road traffic accidents, malnutrition, mange, abuse at the hands of humans…. these are just some of the problems that stray dogs must face to survive on the streets.

For the stray cows, the problem is abandonment, lack of appropriate food, attack by hungry street dogs, and road traffic accidents.

Small wounds that are left untreated can quickly become very severe. Early intervention makes treatment much easier and successful.

With the community looking out for the stray animals, they can alert us of any sick or injured animal so that we can take action before it becomes too serious,

With nobody to take them to the vet, stray animals need humans to step in and help them. The animals are living on the streets because of humans. These are not wild animals; they are domesticated animals bred for use by humans and then abandoned when no longer needed.

calf bitten by dog
calf with injuries

An abandoned male calf was attached by a hungry stray  dog. Unable to produce mil, males are always turned out onto the street, often before they are weaned.