Stray animals will always get sick and injured, just like pets and people.  But stray animals don’t have the luxury of having somebody to take them to the vet.

This is where co-operation between the local community and an animal welfare NGO, like Manali Strays is so vital.

What Manali Strays does to help the sick & injured

Being able to treat animals in their home environment is less stressful for the animal, so is the preferred option when it is feasible. Manali Strays runs a mobile clinic service, where we attend to animals in their home location. This often means doing follow-up treatment for a period of several days. In these instances, the help of the community goes a long way.

dog with face wound
face wound after cleaning
dog with healed face wound

A dog with a seriously infected facial wound was treated by our mobile clinic. Just 3 follow-up visits and 5 days later, just a small scab remained. As the dog needed antibiotics every day, members of the community were enlisted to give the tablets along with food. Community care makes these animals live so much better.

Manali cow shelter

An abandoned calf with dog bite wounds is treated by Manali Strays and a worker at the Manali cow shelter.

For more serious illnesses and wounds, such as broken legs, and conditions that require 24-hour monitoring and care, a rescue service is required.

We currently do not  have land available to offer a full rescue service, but this is something we are working towards.

We are able to rescue one or two animals at a time, if it is unavoidable.

Treating the animals requires the purchase of medicines and medical supplies. 

For example, to clean an infected wound we need: antiseptic solution, iodine solution, cotton, antibiotics, pain medication, sedative, 

To help us keep a supply of these medicines you can donate to us.