The programs run by Manali Strays rely on the support of the local community as well as supporters and donors from further afield. 

If you are in Manali and have puppies living in your area, please call us to get them vaccinated and sterilised when they are old enough, along with their mother. 

The Benefits of Sterilisation

In order to humanely control the population of stray dogs, it is vital to sterilise as many dogs as possible—both males and females.

  • Sterilising females ensures they do not come into heat and get pregnant, but also prevents males from fighting over them.
  • Sterilising males reduces the levels of testosterone, helping to minimise fighting over females and territorial aggression.

In addition, sterilisation of females prevents life-threatening conditions such as  pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus. It prevents mammary tumours, which can spread to the lungs if malignant. Sterilisation of males prevents testicular cancer and certain prostate issues.

Pregnant dog - ABC/AR program

A heavily pregnant female  stray dog takes a rest on the steep streets of Old Manali.

What Manali Strays does to Tackle the Stray Dog Problem

Manali Strays will be carrying out ABC camps in the Manali are.

This involves travelling to villages surrounding Manali and setting up a short-term camp to sterilise a set number of dogs.

This is a temporary solution until we have land and a hospital— at which point we will carry out long-term routine sterilisations in Manali and the surrounding villages.

If you are interested in having a camp in your village please contact us to discuss the arrangements and requirements.

Phone: 94187-04924                  


A very underweight mother dog feeds her hungry puppies. 

The cost to sterilise one dog is 2000 rs ($28/£22).

This includes: medicines, sutures, rabies vaccine, dog food for three days, vet’s wages, overhead costs.

If you would like to donate towards the cost of sterilising stray dogs so that few puppies die from disease or being hit by cars then click the yellow button.